About Me, huh, lol...it seems as though I struggled more so with the words to say in the about me section of my website than writing my entire book. Having to decide whether to write in 1st person or in 3rd person had really become stressing to me so I decided to tell you about myself and allow you to come to your own conclusion about whether or not you want to move forward with me.

I am Cassandra Carter. I was born and raised in the Suburbs of Roosevelt, Long Island, New York.  I come from a traditionally Baptist Middle-Class family where everybody pulled their weight; where being independent and finding your own way in life was a must.

I was raised to value traditional values such as living my life in integrity, being open and honest with people, even if being so came at a cost. I was raised to stand my ground especially when I know I'm right and to be humble and apologetic when I'm found to be wrong. Those attributes came from both my parents who are Southerners and who raised me with that Southern hospitality.

My parents have always been in the ministry of helps and that's why I went into the industries I've worked in throughout my career. I have always worked in positions where I could help people solve problems they may have been experiencing. If I were to give myself a title, I would say that I am a Solution Provider. Although I have a few different businesses, the one common denominator that brings them all together is my teaching abilities.

I have held quite a few rewarding positions in my career. One being an IT Specialist Teacher teaching IT to the Disability population where I was told by my students that I was much more to them than just their teacher....I was their "Mentor". I was their "Coach".  I was "a Light in a dark room" for them.  "A Light in a dark room" has always been what I've always wanted to be known for in this life.  I am a Woman of Passion...I am passionate about many things such as Equality for All, Justice for All, Truth for All, Liberty for All, Freedom for All...and I will always be found fighting for such justices, such truths, liberties and freedoms. 

Living the kind of life I live, having and holding to the values I have lived my entire life by, has always been met with obstacles and challenges. Although I have fought those challenges and obstacles, they were not always easy to defeat and oftentimes, I felt they were beyond me to defeat. I felt like giving up because the pressure of being fought from every direction was a bit much for me BUT I stood my ground and came out of it all as the Conqueror.


If I could leave you with one thing for you to ruminate on as you make up your mind about Me, it would be this motto I live by:

My Mind.....I Control THAT

My Words.....I Speak THAT

My Actions.....I Display THAT

So...if you agree with what you have read thus far, please connect with me on the different social media platforms listed on my website as well as connecting with me via the Contact tab on the menu bar.

Thank you for taking the time to view my website and read all about Me. Let's connect so that I may learn more about You.

Cassandra Carter